About Jenn...

I am a mom who makes MANY mistakes, a wife who is TOTALLY imperfect. An artist of colorful whimsy who tries hard to make her deadlines (but sometimes cuts it waaaaaay too close), and a blogger who enjoys sharing her thoughts that come through this oftentimes scrambled brain.

I believe that our days are God-given gifts and that there is JOY to be found in most everything, but when we rely solely on creating our own happiness, that's when true joy is lost.

I believe we are co-creators, born to be encouragers, inspirers, and sometimes just good listeners for others, and we are made to be Glory-Givers, always with a thankful heart.

I'm just me, loving Him, wanting to get to know YOU!

Hope you'll follow along with my random-ness and that it helps to encourage YOU and inspire JOYfilled days!